Special Ep. 1 - The Tale of Myrna & Rourke

Welcome to a special episode of A Knight Adrift. Hark, weary traveler and listen well. Autumn's haunted nights are upon us, and to honor those who have passed unwilling into the void is your charge. Woe be to those who do not tread lightly amid the wilds of Valerius. Woe be to the ill-fated lovers, Myrna and Rourke; their legacy is one of misery and pain. 

A Knight Adrift is written, produced, and narrated by Devin McKernan. Music is provided courtesy of Kai Engel and Chris Zabriskie (under Creative Commons license). Sound effects are provided courtesy of Kev Garlic, BratockR. Humphries, and Peter Caeldries.

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