Aveline, the Blue Knight
As a knight of Armatus, Aveline is counted among the most skilled and chivalrous warriors in all of Valerius. At the age of seven, she was adopted by Great Knight Roland after the death of her parents and trained to martial proficiency. Now 21 years old, Aveline is unmatched when wielding Durendal, the enchanted blade left to her by Roland before his disappearance.

As Roland’s apprentice, Aveline served in many conflicts, gaining the moniker “The Blue Knight” for the azure cloak she wears into every battle. But though she is respected for her humble determination and natural abilities, Aveline is troubled by self-doubt, melancholy, and fear of losing those closest to her. Still, when tasked with the pursuit of Ixiel, the knight strove to prove herself worthy of her army’s loyalty.

  • Favorite Food: Fresh-baked bread
  • Hobby: Watercolor and ink illustration

Ixiel, the Archwizard
One of the last surviving members of an ancient order of Sages, Archwizard Ixiel is able to manipulate shadow and communicate with voidborn. As the former tutor and advisor to young King Aurleon, Ixiel grew disgusted with what he saw as the childish, willful chaos of Valerian war and in time decided that summoning the fabled demon Tyrannus was the only way to break the pointless cycle.

Ixiel deserted Aurleon and began recruiting servants to his cause with promises of lordship in service of the Primordial Demon. But summoning demons requires tremendous human sacrifice and Ixiel had few qualms pursuing what he believes the more righteous path to peace. Declared an enemy of the people, Ixiel fled east into the mountains and at the start of the tale has reportedly taken refuge in Monticulus.

  • Favorite Food: Rare steak
  • Hobby: Playing the lute

Roland, the Great Knight of Stone
As the commander of Armatus’s armies and faithful servant to the King, Roland was the most beloved hero in all of Valerius. Although he was born the son of a poor miner, Roland devoted himself to the sword and martial strategy, spending many a night reading and training until dawn. In time he became known as a gentle friend to some, ferocious enemy to many, but man of integrity to all. 

The Great Knight of Stone adopted Aveline upon her parents’ death and raised her to follow in his footsteps as a knight. Entrusted to him by his own teacher, Roland was the owner of the legendary greatsword Durendal for decades, but after suddenly disappearing from the Kingdom, seems to have bequeathed it to Aveline. Roland’s current whereabouts are unknown, even to Aveline. 

  • Favorite Food: Fire-roasted salmon
  • Hobby: Collecting ancient texts

Faolan, the Guardian
The last in a familial line of guardians devoted to the protection of the mountain village of Stonefall, Faolan is headstrong in action and skilled with a spear. Still young at the age of 17 years, she has seen her share of tragedy and these experiences have encouraged a brash tendency to regard the world as an adversary to conquer.

Faolan is determined to avenge her murdered mother and destroy any demon that stands in her path, even if success means her injury or death. Though she pursues this goal with the dogged resolve of a ravenous wolf and her passion can blind her to more peaceful alternatives, Faolan’s few quiet moments betray a hidden desire for the comfort of friends and home.

  • Favorite Food: Lamb stew
  • Hobby: Sharpening her weapons

Bell, the Healer
Living amid the isolated mountain village of Stonefall, Bell and his community have managed to lead relatively quiet lives in the decades since Ixiel’s ascendancy. The son of the village healer, Bell is kind-hearted and generous, as well as knowledgeable in medicinal arts. At Selene’s urging he took up archery, but the most grievous injury he has ever caused was in the hunting of a rabbit. 

Though his skills are many, fear can get the better of Bell since he lacks confidence and experience of the world beyond the mountain; a shortcoming he hides behind an uneasy smile and laugh. Still, Bell is driven by his lifelong friendship with Faolan to learn more and make a meaningful difference in the lives of any he could help, especially those he feels he may have failed in the past.

  • Favorite Food: Vegetable stew
  • Hobby: Singing while practicing archery

Tyrannus, the Primordial Demon
Little is known of Tyrannus except that which it volunteered during its first attempt to annihilate mankind two hundred years ago. Only through the combined efforts and near-total sacrifice of the mysterious Sages was the demon cast from its human host and back into the void, its influence again limited to shadows and dreams.

Tyrannus is a primordial demon born of the abyss, consumed by relentless jealousy and hatred toward humans. Many shadows have pledged themselves to its service, possessing beasts to harry their enemies. Unable to emerge from the abyss without invitation into a willing host’s soul, Tyrannus whispers from the darkness, waiting for the moment when it may feel the light of Valerius once again.

  • Favorite Food: Human souls
  • Hobby: Breaking humanity’s will



Aurleon, the King
Barely 20 years old, the young heir to the throne of Armatus is determined to undo the arrogant mistakes of his reviled forefathers by reuniting the domains and restoring the Kingdom. After months of fearful deliberation and reports of rampant brutality, Aurleon called for aid in eradicating the Archwizard Ixiel, hopeful the Knight Aveline may usher in a new era of peace with her victory. 

Lark, the Master Strategist
At the age of 63, Lark has lived longer than most in Valerius and through those years has seen many battles. When Roland joined the King’s army, Lark was a begrudging mentor to the reckless young soldier, seeing him through many dire situations. In time the two became devoted friends, and upon Aveline’s adoption Lark pledged the same unwavering support to Roland’s protégé. 

Julia, the Shining Knight
Born into a family of Armatus knights, Julia grew up believing in the virtues of chivalry and honor. Diligent, skilled, and steadfast, she strives always to be an example of excellence. Although Julia regards Roland as a rival, the two ascended to knighthood together and shared a fleeting romance that was put aside when Aveline’s parents perished. Julia’s current whereabouts are unknown.