"The heart is a forge, the soul is a sword," Aveline whispered on ragged breath. As she struggled to stand, a creature cloaked in shadow strode toward its bloodied prey and released a triumphant roar. Palms sweating, eyes ablaze, the knight raised her blade and screamed a worthy challenge in reply…

Welcome, brave travelers, to A Knight Adrift: the fantasy podcast adventure of Aveline, “the Blue Knight,” as she fights to defend her kingdom from an ancient evil. Visit the Archive to listen from the beginning.

As darkness spreads across the realm of Valerius, the young Knight Aveline must embark on a dangerous mission to find the corrupt Archwizard Ixiel and prevent him from reviving a vengeful adversary. But if Aveline is to survive her quest, she will have to recruit new allies, battle vicious enemies, and come to understand the true meaning of valor, lest she be banished forever to the gloom of the void.

Created by first-time podcaster Devin McKernanA Knight Adrift is a narrated audio drama written with a young adult audience in mind. Featuring high-quality music and sound effects, episodes are available via iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, or wherever you find podcasts. And if you prefer to read your stories, A Knight Adrift will soon be available as a novel!

Thanks for listening and enjoy!