Ep. 12 - Heart & Soul (part 2)

Welcome to part two of the twelfth and final episode of Book One of A Knight Adrift! As the mysterious white fox speaks, truths of Aveline’s mission, existence, and future are revealed. Will the friendship of the knight’s new companions convince Aveline to find her fire and fight, or will she relinquish all hope and be buried beneath her guilt? What new adventures await the young warriors beyond the snow-covered mountains of Stonefall amid the dark wilds of Valerius? Tune in for Book Two to find out!

A Knight Adrift is written, narrated, and produced by Devin McKernan. Music is provided courtesy of the tremendously talented Kai EngelChris Zabriskie, and Andrea Carri (under Creative Commons license). Sound effects are provided courtesy of Felix Blume and Sounddogs.com

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