In the dangerous land of Valerius, a lone knight ventures into the unforgiving wilderness to fend off the darkness.
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The World:

Valerius – Surrounded by seemingly endless ocean, the vast, singular continent of Valerius is home to all mankind. Some say the gods of Dawn and Dusk created the first men and gave them Valerius to test their worth. Others claim it to be the lonely sun god's prison. No matter the tale, the environment varies drastically from one domain to the next; sometimes beautiful, but more oftentimes cruel. Lost dark magics, forgotten to time and ruin, suffuse the land and sea and air. In hospitable areas, fortress cities are animated by commerce, culture and politics, but in the wilderness, beasts and demons plague the people, many of whom while away their lives in constant fear of death. Across Valerius, resilience is the most respected quality among its fledgling people and those who stand their ground against the darkness are hailed and loved as heroes. 

The Players: